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APRIL 2024
26, 27 & 28

New coordinators took over BB in 2023 to carry on the ‘Ultimate Road Trip.’ The original creators decided to retire, in part, due to time restraints. BB takes a lot of time and there are not nearly as many volunteers as in the beginning years. For us to carry on this amazing tradition (and grow it), BB will become as digital as possible. This includes an online form to purchase a spot on the map, downloading (for free) and printing or viewing the map, communication, and ad payment. We will still accept cash (in person) and checks; new this year we created a Cash App account for those who love mobile payments. We thank you all for your patience as we navigate this new adventure (to us) and continue to streamline the process! Happy Shopping!


Bargain Buyway began in 2005 to entice folks to NE Nebraska for a weekend of treasure hunting and sightseeing. It currently consists of 27 towns along 250 miles of scenic highwaysWe not only have beautiful scenery—we have very talented people! 


Vendors and Businesses in each town will be showcasing local specialty items along with rummage sales, antiques, old machinery, tools, equipment, and food fairs—new, used, cherished, and abused! We encourage everyone along the route—even in rural areas—to clean out their closets, garages, and even their shelter belts and sell those treasures! If you have something to sell or a service to offer, there is probably a Bargain Buyway-er looking for it! Books, craft items, art,  woodworking, quilts, household, clothing, food items, cars, parts, machinery, hand-crafted, and so much more!

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