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Bargain Buyway got its start in 2005 and has enticed folks to our area for a weekend of treasure hunting and sightseeing every year except 2019 due to flooding and 2020 due to Covid-19. Vendors and Businesses in each town will be showcasing local specialty items along with rummage sales, antiques, old machinery, tools, equipment, and food fairs—new, used, cherished, and abused! We are encouraging everyone along the route—even in the rural areas—to clean out their closets, garages, and even their shelter belts and sell those treasures! It basically comes down to if you have something to sell or a service to offer, there is probably a Bargain Buyway-er looking for it! Books, craft items, woodworking, rugs, quilts, scrapbooking, food items, cars, parts, machinery, anything you want! And we not only have beautiful scenery—we have very talented people!

It is so important for our small communities to promote themselves. We have so much to offer, but not many ways to get people to our area.

Bargain Buyway currently consists of 27 towns along a 250-mile loop, listed on our website's "MAP" page.


For more information, you can contact Lindsay at 402-640-7699 or Lisa at 602-402-1291.

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